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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 27, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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tuesday, november 27, 2012. i'm shepard smith. we're back tomorrow. noon pacific time. 3:00 o'clock eastern time. right back here for the fox report tomorrow night for the journalists who bring together this program, thanks for checking in. here is mr. bill. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on of the tonight -- >> i'm more troubled today. having met with the acting director of the c.i.a. and ambassador rice, the information given to the american people was wrong. >> bill: more verbal warfare breaks out over the assassination of the libyan ambassador on 9-11. three senators met with u.n. ambassador rice today and it did not go well. we'll have a full report with charles krauthammer. >> for those that are not christian, it's a difficult time when the state or the government is soring the religion. >> bill: more christmas chaos in rhode island. why does secular progressives continue to try to diminish this federal holiday? we'll trio answer that question
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tonight. ♪ . >> bill: what the heck is this? some south korean guy bopping around has now become the most popular video in history. dr. keith ablow will try to explain it. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we'll have the talking points memo in our next segment. it's more christmas chaos as the holiday is again under attack this year. first the lead story, three republican senators, mccain from arizona, graham from south carolina, and ayotte from new hampshire, met with u.n. ambassador susan rice today. remember ambassador rice misled the world how christopher
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stevens was murdered in benghazi on 9-11. the senators wanted to hear her explanation because she might be nominated as secretary of state. the meeting did not go well because the issue of initially ignoring the terrorist involvement was not explained by dr. rice. >> as i understand it, the explanation is that that was being withheld, the al-qaeda involvement was -- that point of the talking points was being withheld for classified reasons, but i also explored didn't you question that because that left, if you were to omit that portion, it leaves a very different impression to the american people and frankly, i didn't get a satisfactory answer to that. >> bill: joining us from washington to react, fox news analyst charles krauthammer. so bigger mess now than it's ever been. here is my assessment based on what happened today. i'm going to go on the record. this is what i think is going to happen and you can tell me if i'm right or wrong in your i think that the white house and the obamaeelection committee,
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all right, that means david axelrod, basically said that after the murder of the ambassador, they were going to tamp the story down so it didn't intrude on their narrative that the obama administration had decimated al-qaeda. so they ordered dr. rice, the ambassador to the u.n., to go out on the sunday shows and say that the stimulus for the murder was a video rather than a planned terrorist attack, which the am bass tore did. she followed orders. she was a good soldier. now it's all caught up to them. am i wrong? >> i think you're absolutely right. in science there is a principle which means that the simplest explanation for any physical phenomenon is most likely the true one. this is the clearest and most simple explanation for why a complete whopper was told to
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america on all five shows by susan rice. it did -- the real story would have gone against the narrative. remember the time frame here. we're just a week and a half after the charlotte convention. we are just after day after day after day of democrats dancing on the grave of bin laden, proclaiming al-qaeda dead since that was their only achievement in foreign policy, saying it over and over again, saying bin laden dead. so after saying that as a way to fend off all attacks on their otherwise feckless foreign policy, they now have the assassination of an ambassador, first time in 30 years, happening within a week and they have to find a cover story. i'm not saying there was a deliberate conspiracy from day one, but as this story unfolded, they saw a way to make this nonpolitical. one other context you got to remember, bill, that for the first three days after the benghazi attack, the media were
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concentrated exclusively on trashing mitt romney for a statement he made on september 11 about the cairo demonstration and the craven statement issued by our embassy in cairo as it was developing. so it would have been very logical for someone in the white house to say, look, the media is high on the trail of mitt romney. they're not interested in the real story. it is a perfect way for them to bash romney as they had on everything else. we can dependent away with this. let's go with the video story rather than that it was a terrorist attack. >> bill: all right. now, it's troubling -- if that's true, is what charles and i believe is true, if that's a fact, then we got into a lot of different areas. number one, the c.i.a.'s politicized because general petraeus would have to go along with the charade. indications are by the three senators today that he did.
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also the defense department, all right, would have to go along with the charade, all right, and that is secretary panetta. so they would be compromised. so you'd have two huge agencies compromised by party politics. now we're getting into the fabric of our democracy here, are we not? >> yes. but we're also getting into more speculative territory. we know the fact that what susan rice said was false. we know her defense is not credible. the one where she says well, there was a classified and there was you can classified. look, when you have a classified thing that you can say, the unclassified is simply stuff that is detailed to back it up which you don't want to reveal. but in this case, they're claiming that the classified was a completely different story, a preplanned -- >> bill: she shouldn't have said anything.
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>> unclassified is a spontaneous demonstration. so it isn't a back up of the classified story. >> bill: it didn't make any sense to mccain and graham and to ayotte today. it doesn't. if you have classified information you can't say, you don't say anything. you don't go out and say something that's totally false. but you say speculation, though, charles. we have a minute to go. the c.i.a. would have had to have known, petraeus would have had to have known that rice was spinning a false narrative, yet he didn't say anything. >> you're talking about why nobody reacted afterwards? >> bill: yeah. >> i think the question that they're looking into is why between the friday when the intelligence community gave its report and the sunday when she spoke, why the intelligence report was changed, who changed it, where and what happened exactly. >> bill: even after that. >> that we don't know. >> bill: petraeus could have said she misspoke, here is what it was. >> bill, it's worse than that. the president did not do
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anything. in fact, the president went around repeating her story for another week. so if you're going to talk about high levels of the administration being in on this false story, you've got to go right to the top with the president is. don't pick on the damsel in distress. pick on me. okay. we'll pick on the president. he was at the center of this. >> bill: all right charles. thanks very much. next up, christmas in rhode island, another controversy. we'll be right back. @ how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours?
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with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare. >> bill: impact segment, the talking points memo, christmas chaos in rhode island. now last year, governor chaffey wanted to ban the word christmas from the christmas tree lighting at the state house. he wanted to call it the holiday tree. he lost. he got his butt kicked. as rhode islanders reacted furiously. this year, his spokeswoman
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announced there would be no christmas tree lighting at all in providence. that tradition dates back about 20 years. well, less than 24 hours after she said that, she recanted, saying she made a mistake. there will be a christmas tree lighting, but she doesn't know when. does that make any sense to you? is me related to susan rice? anyway, there is obviously more christmas chaos in rhode island and governor chaffey is again behind it. apparently he believes roger williams, who founded rhode island in 1636, would not want to call a christmas tree a christmas tree. or something. now, this is insane, of course. there is no reason to mess around with the word christmas. as we reported, president grant signed a law making christmas a federal holiday. there really isn't any controversy. unless congress revokes the holiday. christmas is christmas. it celebrates the birth of jesus. therefore, the word christmas
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images of jesus, and a songs or poems or stories discussing him are appropriate under the law. secular progressives hate that. they don't like public displays of jesus because christians believe he's god. and christians are the enemy. this has been going on for ten years now. really got heat add few years ago when dopey department store chains ordered their employees not to say the word christmas. as you may remember, we got involved here at the factor factor. that largely stopped. now misguided politicians like lincoln chaffey trying to use their power to diminish christmas because the private sector has largely surrendered to the common good. the reason the department stores folded was because millions of you wouldn't buy their stuff. not only are secular progressives serious about christmas in general, but they even deny, deny there is an assault against it. >> the first bomb allegedly dropped in rhode island, governor lincoln chaffey,
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independent, called the state house christmas tree a holiday tree. fox news as it does every year, went crazy. >> i think the bearded guy you're protecting might be the wrong bearded guy. but i admit, the season wouldn't feel the same without people going out of their way to be offended by nothing. >> fox news likes to bring a touch of holiday fear to their viewers with endless coverage of the completely bogus war on christmas. >> bill: sure. so we here at the factor are look forward to the christmas tree lighting in providence, rhode island. in fact, some of my staff are going to attend as soon as governor chaffey and his spokeswoman tell us when it will be. should be a joyous occasion. celebrate ago federal holiday that honors a man of peace. and peace be with you, governor chaffey. that's a memo. now for the reaction, joining us from chicago, thomas brakier, president of the thomas moore society, fights against some of these christmas intrusions.
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and from providence, doreen costa, state representative. you're buying the statement that the christmas tree ban was just a mistake? how could you make a mistake like that? >> hi, bill. absolutely not. the first press release that came out specifically stated that there will be no holiday/christmas tree lighting this year because of what happened last year. the office said it themselves. so nobody made this up. >> bill: all right. so why did they reverse in 24 hours? if they didn't want the hassle this year of the controversy, why did they back away so fast? >> well, i think they backed away because of the publicity that they were getting and it's my understanding that the governor's office got bombarded with phone calls again. i know in a last year i took a stand and lit a christmas tree and then when the statement came out last night, i got hundreds of calls from all over the state and asking me, we can't let this happen. we have to protect what we believe in and 91% of the country agree with calling it a christmas tree.
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so come on, governors. stop being a grinch. >> bill: here is what i don't understand. chaffey is not a stupid individual. >> he's not. >> bill: he's not. all right? former senator, now he's the governor. he has to know that his position here goes against, as you said, the vast majority of rhode islanders and everybody else in america. why does he continue to do this? >> well, bill, the governor, our governor, loves to do things just because he thinks it's the right thing to do. i mean, he passed a few bills -- >> bill: why did he back down after 24 hours and back down last year? look, he's getting his butt kicked. >> exactly. >> bill: is he a macis. >> he said that exact thing. i know i'm gog get my butt kicked, but i have to do what's right. >> bill: i have to do it. but wait, wait. he has to do what's right for 24 hours. then he reverses himself. all right. that's like protesting against war for a day, but then i'll -- i won't protest anymore.
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it doesn't make sense. let's go to the bigger picture. your society goes around and defends religious freedom as you see it. right now in america we have five controversies which, of course, the far left loons will deny but they're actually in play. papers filed and things like that. five so far. it's not even december yet. run them down. i understand two in illinois that you're looking at? >> well, two in illinois, bill. first there is arlington heights where they have a wonderful, beautiful holiday display at a school park in the suburb and they've got dancing bears, dancing elves, spinning frosty the snowman, they've got an evergreen tree they caught with 10,000 lights and our client, of the illinois nativity scene committee, called them up and said, i have a nativity scene i'd like to put that up there, privately sponsored, not government opened or sponsored.
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and the response was, thank you, but no thanks. >> bill: all right. federal holiday of christmas, you can have frosty and everything else, but you can't have anything about the guy who the federal holiday was named for? >> well, that was their position and we've asked them to reconsider and i'm happy to say i think they are. they're now inviting jim to file a permit application and we have every hope and expectation that will be granted. >> bill: what else is going on? >> well, we had just to stick with illinois, it was about 25 years ago on daley plaza. a permit was allowed for a man president obama put up a nativity in the plaza, in chicago. somebody got to him and after he put it up, a mob of officials came down from dahlly plaza and tried to dismantle it. >> arthel: that's a good federal holiday image.
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>> it didn't play well. people called up and came to protect -- cradle the figure of baby jesus. >> bill: this is what i mean. >> colleague ran into court and got an injunction that since you had political speech on daley plaza, you can not discriminate. >> bill: i think maybe rahm emanuel might want to do is have a chicago christmas holiday card from chicago with a bunch of aldermen with crowbars and the baby jesus being beaten. that might be good. [ laughter ] >> i'm hoping we got beyond that point. i've lost my ear piece. >> bill: that's okay 'cause i'm going to go back to -- doreen, what i want to do is encourage everyone across the country to send governor lincoln chaffey a christmas card with jesus on it. okay? >> that would be great. >> bill: yeah. i want everybody watching, all over the world. not just in america. okay? send it to the state house, providence, rhode island. christmas card, governor lynn can chaffey, with jesus on it.
5:20 pm
okay? nice sentiment. just nice, peace be with you, governor. >> absolutely. >> bill: and the next time you see the governor, i want him to come on the program and talk to me 'cause i think he should. >> i think he should. >> bill: yeah. 'cause he wants to do the right thing and the right thing is talk to me in the christmas season. all right. thanks very much. we appreciate it. directly ahead, crowley and colmes react to the war on christmas. later, john stossel and bad food and what the usa should do about it because it's hurting us and we're coming right back [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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believe they should reach out and be as inclusive as possible. it's what it's all about. >> bill: just for 24 hour period. >> no. >> bill: he backed down after 24 hours. >> obviously there was political pressure. this happens in a number of places, you pointed out, because of the attempt for inclusiveness. that's why it happens. >> bill: you think that in the spirit of goodwill toward men, governor chaffey wants to ban the word christmas? >> it's the christmas spirit. >> if he really -- >> bill: according to colmes, chaffey is actually promoting the christmas spirit by refusing to call the christmas tree a christmas tree. >> you think progressives are the men knee -- christians are the men knee? >> bill: anybody who opposes the word christmas this time of year because it's a federal holiday is a loon. >> all right. >> bill: that's what i think. >> christians are not the enemy to progressives. >> okay. first of all, governor chaffey really felt that christmas spirit and the spirit of goodwill, he never would go down this road every single year and every single year you clobber him and every single year he
5:25 pm
backs down. so i'm start -- >> bill: he it has to be a macissic thing. >> i think he likes the publicity. >> bill: isn't it on 85 shades of gray or something. >> pretend you don't know the actual title. >> bill: i don't know it. i know there is some gray book that has stuff. that's all i know. >> let's talk about the bigger thing here because there is something -- set him aside for a second. there is something bigger going on. over many decades, the far left have been doing this assault on all organized religion, on god and on faith. recently and you've been pointing this out for years, it's been the war on christmas. the ultimate objective, which is what they seek, is an essentially godless society because they want the state to fill the void of god. so they will do everything they can to try to strip organized religion, god and faith out of the public square, out of public life so that the state, so that government is there to fill that void and to save people when
5:26 pm
they no longer have religion. >> that's a mispreparing of the left, which is always the far left that seems for some reason. the fact is nobody has a problem with a christmas tree or other symbols. it's when the nativities scenes that are -- >> bill: chaffey had a problem with the christmas tree. >> i speak for the far left. in illinois, the aclu defended the right of the state house in order to have a crèche on state property at the state house. so this general global statement about the far left and how they have this war is not true. >> bill: you're not buying monica's contention that a signature part of secular progressivism is to diminish religion and heighten the power -- >> not at all. >> bill: you're not buying that? you don't think they're in business -- >> nobody in this country is being stopped from celebrating as they wish or not at all, wore shipping in their home, nobody is prevented from being -- >> bill: but every time this christmas season comes around, the federal holiday, and that's
5:27 pm
where you guys lose because it's a federal holiday. i understand you don't want it to be a federal holiday. >> i would say -- i think that's a no win argument 'cause that's not going to change. >> bill: let me ask awe simple question. i'm a very simple man. do you want christmas to be a federal holiday? >> i don't think it should be. >> bill: tell the audience why. >> because it's a very religious holiday and i don't believe the government ought to be promoting one particular religion. >> bill: can't you see jesus as a man? that's the purpose of christmas. >> sure it is. >> bill: i. >> i think diminishes religion -- >> bill: no, no, no. it was signed into law by grant, if you know anything about history. >> i do know that. >> bill: to honor jesus. >> yeah. actually you know why it became law? because they figured so many federal workers would not be going to work that way. it was a matter of accommodation because -- >> bill: they could have named it the kwanzaa day. >> the majority of the country was not going to work. that's why they did it. >> bill: you're babbling. >> the united states of america was founded on judeo reason
5:28 pm
principles. christmas and easter in the christian religion -- >> bill: easter is not a federal holiday. >> i understand that. christmas is sort of sack crow sank, saying in terms of being both a religious and a state sanctioned holiday. and that's why i think in particular you see the assault from the far left. it represents -- look, this is not -- these are not just isolated cases you've pointing out for ten years on this program. this is not just one aclu complaint or one atheist complaint. this is a widespread assault that's been going on for a very long time. >> bill: they're winning. they're winning the secular progressives. wait a minute. according to all the studies, secular progressives are winning as america is becoming a less devout nation, church going is down, atheism is up. so they're winning. >> i'll tell you something else, that christianity in particular, i mean, i think they're opposed to all organized faith.
5:29 pm
but christianity in particular is because of the numbers of christians and you're right -- >> bill: the judgmental aspect of it. >> and also -- >> wait a second. who is opposed to organized -- >> christians don't fight back. >> let me get some time here. when is opposed to organized fight? progressives? they're not. it's a matter of what the government should do. conservatives all talk about how they want less government in their lives. you want government involved in declaring what should be part should violate the establishment clause of the constitution? you had a priest in illinois who said this is a violation to have a crèche and you supported having a crèche in illinois state -- >> bill: he's is what i want. ii want you to start a drive to revoke the federal holiday. will you get behind that? >> i don't think -- >> bill: come on. because that would make your case stronger. >> i don't think it's pragmatic. but my -- >> bill: no, no, it doesn't have to be pragmatic. it has to be from the heart. you don't want it to be? come on.
5:30 pm
let's see how far that goes. >> remember, you got this war on christmas you've been covering for many years. it's across the mohave desert as sort of a monument to soldiers who have died in battle, that's been taken down. there is a widespread systematic assault by the far left to remove god. >> bill: we have waters up in rhode island. we'll have him tomorrow. that should be interesting. looking forward to governor chaffey coming on. plenty more ahead. this evening issues bad food can kill us. what should be done about it? john stossel has been investigating. and who the heck is is this thank -- who the heck is this guy and why does he have the most popular video ever? ♪ . >> bill: no idea. we hope you stay tuned for those
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>> bill: john is investigating dangerous food and here he is, what's the headline of this. >> a lot of what we think we know is not so and the big one is that people think without government the food wouldn't be safe. and it's true, the agriculture department has some rules that help somewhat. but mostly the reason that food is safe is because companies
5:34 pm
worry about their reputation. >> bill: a lot of food is bad for you. would you say that? >> yes. >> bill: and i'm not for banning it and i'm not in that crew. i think if people want to eat garbage food, they have a right to. however, it comes back on us in health costs. but in free society, that they the price you pay, pardon the pun. however, things like e.coli, unsanitary conditions in plants and in department stores, grocery stores, that has to be monitored by people. board of health. here in new york, how many restaurants have they closed down because there are rats running around the kitchen? >> look how government does it. they have a inspector in every chicken plant watching every bird on the assembly line. >> bill: it's a job for that guy, though. >> exactly. same thing they've done since the eisenhower administration. you can't see bacteria. >>ill: i don't want -- >> that's government. >> bill: don't you think i want to health inspectors to look at
5:35 pm
the restaurants. i want the restaurants to be clean. i don't want to get -- >> me, too. why do you assume government has to sit on that. >> bill: have you ever had food poisoning? >> probably. you get the flu often you find out it's food poisoning. >> bill: right. so i think we have to have protection about this. now, what about sugar and fructose and all of this stuff that people don't know about that they throw in everything? >> but people do know about it. >> bill: not really. >> people know you eat too much, you get fat. you were concerned about a study that came out about more people getting type 2 diabetes if they eat corn syrup. >> bill: yeah. people don't know about corn syrup. >> you want the government to do what? >> bill: i want them to put on a label like cigarettes, corn syrup causes this and this is processed corn syrup. >> but they don't know it causes this. they found a change from 8%, 6.7%, it's a slight difference and --
5:36 pm
>> bill: if it isn't dangerous, than i don't want the label. but if it is, i do. >> but it's hard to agree. there is an association between people watching your tv show and type 2 diabetes. you want the people to sit on their rear and watch tv and get sick! >> bill: you may know this, but i changed my diet and i knocked out most of the wheat. sometimes it's impossible, you want to get a sandwich. wheat filler is basically very cheap. it's an additive. and if you look in your cabinet at home, every cookie you have, cereal you have, even soup has wheat filler in it 'cause it bulks you up and fills you up. since i have knocked that wheat out, my cholesterol is down 200 points and my waistline is down to 36. trust me on this. in every physical degree i can whip you and you know it. all right? but 'cause that wheat bloats you up. shouldn't people know that wheat bloats you up? >> but it doesn't bloat everybody up. >> bill: yes, it does. it bloats everybody up.
5:37 pm
>> you can't say that. and whole wheat is good for people. it lowers cholesterol often. >> bill: that's a different situation. it's the additives they put into the food. >> we don't know that. >> bill: yes, you know it! you know it! it's absolutely a bloating thing. it causes inflammation inside. particularly when you get old like you, you can't flush it that much. >> hence, eat more whole wheat to keep the flushing going. >> bill: he's more vegetables and fruits because that will flush it out quicker. all right. no labels, none of that? no inspectors? >> there would be inspectors and labels. it just doesn't need to be the federal government ordering it. >> bill: who is going to order it then? >> because the food company wants to sell stuff to you, they wants to sell stuff to you, they want now symbicort significantly improves my lung function, starting within 5 minutes. and that makes a difference in my breathing. today, we're ready for whatever swims our way. ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication,
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astrazeneca may be able to help. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. is it legal segment, yesterday the supreme court ordered a reopening on some arguments against a portion of the new obamacare law. here now it explain, we hope, attorney and fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle. and lis wiel. just the facts.
5:39 pm
>> liberty university, the private christian university in virginia, they first challenged obamacare in 2010. that challenge was based on the individual mandate, saying all of us are mandated to pay this tax or have a fine. that was thrown out on a technicality. now the supreme court yesterday said hey, lower court, you should have heard another claim that they brought the university brought, having nothing to do with the mandate, but having to do with forcing this university to provide abortion and contraceptive care. >> bill: the abortion care, that's the after pill that you're talking about? >> the after pill abortion, right. >> bill: all right. so liberty university doesn't want to include that in their insurance to their employees for religious reasons. >> it does not make sense. >> bill: it makes sense to me, but this thank is what the catholic church was arguing. so the supreme court told the lower court, you have to hear this. >> the 4th circuit said this isn't right because it hasn't taken effect yet. it has to be an issue that is present before them. it's not.
5:40 pm
so now they said, go back and decide it. you should decide it on the merit because the issue is ripe. so now they can't avoid it any longer. >> bill: but it's interesting -- >> it was missed by the supreme court. >> bill: supreme court did that after barak obama was reelected. i don't think they will have done it had romney been elected because romney had vowed to throw the whole thing out. >> it made it a moot point. >> exactly. >> bill: right. so they say this is inevitable. here it comes. so we'll have the lower court decide. >> it's very interesting because it's two issues that were encumbered. two new ripe issues, they'll hear this in the spring of 2013, which means it could go back up to the supreme court and still could get struck down, imagine that. >> bill: just this part of it. >> based on these grounds. >> bill: all right. many people know that guilfoyle was once first lady of san francisco. >> and clothed, thank you. >> bill: we expected that.
5:41 pm
so you were i guess the most powerful woman in town. so you're there and you understand the rhythms of the city. beautiful city, by the way. now the city has gone totally crazy, right? >> yes. >> bill: how long were you first lady? how long ago was that? >> now, what was it? six years ago. >> bill: six years ago. in the six-year period, they want to bangled fish, they want to do this and that. >> it's very disturbing because what they had was people going around san francisco eating in restaurants, nude men sitting down having a taco and you have a five-year-old coming in and going to sit in the seat. >> bill: that was legal? >> yeah. this is the protest going on in the board of supervisors in open forum hearing when the supervisors voted on november 20, 6 upon 5, to ban it, people freak out and threw their clothes off. >> bill: five san francisco supervisors voted to keep nudity so that you could walk in to a taco place or italian place or anything naked and sit next to the child and order your meal.
5:42 pm
so five people did that. >> right. >> bill: five. who were elected. what's the mentality behind that? >> let me tell you what the problem is. >> bill: no, no. i want the mentality behind it. >> the mobility is it's a very, very progressive city. it's probably the most progressive city in the united states. >> bill: because there are a lot of progressives who couldn't do it. >> they did it, it's not city wide elections. it's individual districts. so guess how many people can elect one of those board of supervisors and they get say on the entire city? 5,000 votes and he says, i'm going to respond to my people. >> bill: so there are enough people in san francisco who want to be naked in the restaurant or whatever. >> complaining in those certain districts and they are very vocal minority. that's what happens. it's sad. >> bill: i don't get the whole deal in san francisco. >> now it's december 4, there will be a revote on this. they better mayor ed lee, you know the write rite thing to do. >> bill: finally, casey anthony got acquitted of killing her daughter. we said here clearly we believe she did murder her daughter. now it comes to light that the prosecution botched the case in
5:43 pm
a certain way. what was that? >> the florida detectives, when they did a computer search of casey anthony's computer, the computer in her home, they did not do a complete search. they did a minor search and they misspelled a critical thing. instead of saying full proof suffocation with an o, they typed in suffocation and went on to another search. if they had done it correctly, if they had typed in suffocation, what they would have found is a search on casey anthony's computer, full proof suffocation, just days before her little daughter died. that would have changed something. >> bill: either she or someone else used her computer how you suffocate somebody and not get caught? >> right. this was the actual day, the last day that casey anthony was seen alive and subsequently discovered she was dead. >> bill: the prosecution didn't introduce that to the jury. >> they didn't have it. >> bill: because they couldn't spell suffocation. >> because the detective who did it couldn't spell suffocation. >> there is two levels where this failed. the orange county sheriff's department.
5:44 pm
they admitted they made a mistake. they were offered free services by the f.b.i. -- >> bill: they turn them down. >> right. >> meanwhile, the defense did have it. they had it all along. >> bill: the defense knew it, but the defense isn't going to hang her on lying. >> exactly. >> bill: she's guilty. you know. if there is an after life, you know where she will be. >> exactly. >> bill: ladies, thank you. in a moment, we will show you a video that has been viewed by more than 800 million people on the net. that's a record. after you see the video, maybe you can explain it to me. we're coming right back store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. you can stay in and share something... or you can get out there and actually share something. ♪
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, south korean guy who calls himself si has put out a video that has been viewed more than 800 million times on the net. that's a record. so you would think the video
5:48 pm
must be very, very special. here it is. ♪ ♪ ♪ . >> bill: joining us now from boston to explain the madness, psychiatrist dr. keith ablow. all right. so the guy, remember the pony? he's just doing the pony. >> the pony. >> bill: the pony. that's what he's doing. he's jumping up and down and 800 million views of this? what's going on? >> well, look, there will be those who dismiss this as having no meaning, just a good beat. and a lot of fun. i won't be one of those dissing it because when you approach a billion views on youtube, and
5:49 pm
surpass justin bieber, perhaps you're tapping into something. i think what this fellow is tapping into is in fact this sipsy, is tapping into the fact that people don't want meaning right now. music, the most popular music apparently is that without intelligible words to some extent, it's simply conveys it to a distant place, beat wise, doesn't try to convince you of anything. that doesn't try to raise your emotions. it just is sort of like a drug and that seems to be what most people seem to want right now. not reality, not feeling north texas meaning. >> bill: all right. so it means nothing. but it's got a nice upbeat to it and you can do the pony and ride around. that's it, right? >> yeah. i think the meaning is that it has no meaning. it is the son of facebook, if you will. the false face that so many people now put on their lives, the lack of insight, if you will, is reflected in this person's popularity.
5:50 pm
elvis presley didn't invent sexuality. but he tapped into the growing sexuality of a culture. >> bill: wait, wait, wait. elvis presley could sing. he had a good voice. his songs had words. >> yes. >> bill: he put on a show. this is a little fat guy from someplace wearing sunglasses, whatever, and he's jumping up and down. there is no comparison between psy and there are like 16 guys named psy on long island that don't look like him. and the phenomenon, i mean, you can understand presley, the beatles, the rolling stones, even justin bieber. i got all that, all right? but this is something more. but i think you may be on to something because this is internet driven and it looks to me like the internet is just the place where people want some kind of numb -- they want to
5:51 pm
numb themselves to some degree. >> exactly right. it's internet driven, it's natural. it's an incredible success in dozens of countries. why? because globally, folks are losing their center. they want not to be reminded of what they think and feel, but more conveyed away from it. i had a kids' book i wrote. i sent it out to a few publishers and they say it seems like it has a message. i said, yeah, it's about empowerment. well, books about messages right now aren't selling. >> bill: so you want wimpy kid books. >> wimpy kid book issues olivia, look at the cute pig. trying to tell them about courage, that's not going to be purchased by the great masses who now want not to be tapped on the heart strings, if you will, but simply to be pushed toward a good beat that kind of buries them in music. >> bill: last question, i don't see anything wrong with this.
5:52 pm
if you want to waste your time looking at this or you like the beat, i don't see anything wrong with it. you might lose a few pounds jumping up and down like a pony. it might help out, you know? so i don't see anything wrong with this. is there anything wrong with it? >> well, look, is there anything wrong with it? i guess i'd say this, to the extent that you revel in things that don't speak to you, that you use something to transport you away from real thought and deep feeling, yeah, there is something wrong with it. >> bill: so if you watch it several times a day, that might not be good? >> it's the same as getting high in miniature. >> bill: i don't think so. once you alter your conscience with substance, it's something different. if you walk in a job interview with dark glasses on, then that will hurt. thanks very much. factor tip of the day, i need your help. the tip 60 seconds away
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